Q1: Who makes up your leadership executive team?

A1: We are Silicon Valley technology and Hong Kong finance veterans with 15+ years experience working for major consumer brands such as Apple and HSBC PayMe app to name a few.   

Q2: Are you currently hiring?

A2 We are expanding and looking for vibrant team members. Please refer to our careers page.

Q3: How would you describe Tribal Living's company culture?

A3: Our CEO brings his Silicon Valley DNA style of management. He encourages transparency in terms of communicating not only ideas but concerns.  The culture is spear headed by the current team which thrives working in a fast paced and positive collaborative environment. 


Q1: What major brands do you currently partner up with?

A1: We partner up with major brands such as Ray-Ban, Burt's Bees, and Kielh's.

Q2: What is your return process?

A2:  Contact us through our contact page and our representative will walk you through our return policy procedure.

Q3: How to place an order?

A3:   Follow the steps below ...

  • Make sure you’ve sign-in Tribal Living before order placing.
  • Simply click the “BUY” icon in the middle of the page.
  • Confirm your order details, including item options, quantity, delivery address and apply TL$ if applicable.
  • If the delivery address is different from your default address, click “Add Address” to fill in your requested delivery address for this particular order.
  • Click “Check Out”, you are prompted to enter your credit card number, the expiry date, cardholder’s name and the security code when it is processing the payment, otherwise the order cannot be completed. 
  • When payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation mail on the order (please make sure you have maintained your e-mail address in the profile page).

Q4:  Do you deliver out of Hong Kong S.A.R.?

Q4:  We only accept orders for delivery to a Hong Kong address.  Please check back with us later as we may expand to other regions in the future.

Q5:   What is the payment options available?

Q5:   We currently accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express).  We also welcome PayPal.


Q1: How do I become a merchant?

A1: Please fill out the contact page and introduce yourself as a merchant.  What you sell?  What is your target audience?  We will get back to you shortly.

Q2:  What kind of information / document require to apply to be a TRIBAL LIVING merchant?

A2:   See below ...

  1. Company Information
    • Company business type, brand name, outlet & location
    •  Contract Person Details – name, position, phone number & e-mail address
    • Copy of company business registration   
    • Company website
    • Company correspondence address
    • Company registration Name in English / Chinese

Q3:  What kind of information to close the deal for Merchant agreement signed and coupon posting online?

    • Product - category, brand name, specification, any special requirement such as warranty and expiry date
    • Pricing – RRP, Tribal Living price (after discount)
    • Time –Tribal Living posting duration.
    • Product delivery – who is responsible to deliver the merchandize to end user (Who bears the cost)?
    • Send photo available shoots  

Q4:  What is the charge I have to pay?

  • We only charge 7% product / service unit selling price as Service Fee.
  • We do not charge slotting fee or graphic design fee.

Q5:  How do we settle the charges?

  • Billing cycle - Monthly with cutoff date, last day of the month.
  • Tribal Living will settle the product charges within 7 working days after the billing cycle cut-off day.


    Q1: How do I become an advertiser?

    A1: Please fill out the contact page and introduce yourself as an advertiser.  Tell us about yourself including your retail location and your recent campaigns. We will get back to you shortly.