Tribal Living merchant program helps businesses increase revenue while customers save.
— Rayfil Wong (CEO)

New Ways to Grow

Our merchant managers will introduce a new way to grow your business.  This involves increasing your brand awareness through an online platform. Coming soon will be our Tribal Beacon ©️ which is a tech marketing solution that increases foot traffic.


Profit-Driven Marketing

Our marketing strategy starting with our popular Instagram account which features Instagram Live product promotions help merchant drives up sales. With fifteen years in the digital marketing space, we know how to set your business up for success. In fact, more than 80% of our campaigns are immediately profitable.


Quality Customers

Tribal Living customers are collectors of new experiences, but loyal to the places they love. They spend more at great businesses and recommend favourite bargains to friends. 


NEXT STEPS :  Fill out our contact form and a merchant representative will take you through the next steps.  It's that easy.  We usually respond within one business days.